The Darkness Holds No Answers April 21 2016, 1 Comment

This week my art journaling motivation came from the most unexpected of places.  So, I've been binge watching One Tree Hill (hush now, we all have our guilty pleasures!) and through the predominantly banal dialogue came a rock star quote that just spoke to me:  "The darkness holds no answers."  Whew.  Depth in unexpected waters, huh?  I knew immediately it was a journal-worthy quote. 

{credits: Bestiary of BeesiesThe ULTIMATE Splatter Graffiti BundleBountifulEnvelop {Tangie Bundle No. 19} by Tangie Baxter}

How often during difficult times do we turn toward the darkness?  I'll go out on a limb and say pretty darn often.  Perhaps the darkness holds comfort or the guile of a panacea; but rest assured, the answers do not lie within.  This piece is a reminder to me that the light is the only true path toward my personal truths.

While this piece is a pretty heavy topic, I actually felt quite light during its creation; catharsis is one of the things I adore about art journaling.  I relied a lot on a fun and bright color palette and a ton of blending goodness.  And what's that super cool font I used for the quote?  Why, it's not a font at all!  Want to learn how to turn your own pen-and-paper hand lettering work into a digital masterpiece?  Stay tuned next week for a tutorial by yours truly!

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Bestiary of Beesies - Tangie Baxter

Bestiary of Beesies

The ULTIMATE Splatter Graffiti Bundle - Tangie Baxter

The ULTIMATE Splatter Graffiti Bundle

Bountiful - Tangie Baxter


Envelop - Tangie Baxter

Envelop {Tangie Bundle No. 19}

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