Flashback Friday - Art Journal 101: Tutorial – Using Border Printables April 22 2016, 0 Comments

Today I am sharing with you a tutorial for using Printables as promised last week. I will create a hybrid Art Journal page with Border printables. I love Tangie’s Borders! I have for you a two-part video tutorial, and also the same tutorial posted in step-by-step photographs below. Watch the video or check out the written tutorial, or both!!!










1. Start with a roughly painted background.  Adhere vintage pattern tissue paper with gel matte medium.  Dry with heat gun.


2. Mix gel matte medium with a bit of white acrylic craft paint.  This makes the white paint transparent.  Paint over the tissue paper.  Dry with heat gun.



3.  Cut out Collage Fodder Head Printable and adhere to page with gel matte medium. 



4. Draw journaling lines with a fine tip marker or pen.


5. Adhere large border pieces with gel matte medium. (photo below)



6. Adhere Dominoes Collage Printables with gel matte medium. (photo below)



7. Write the journaling “Don’t forget to be awesome!” Outline it with black. Start to outline the borders and add dots. 



8. Finish with more dots and adhere a butterfly punch to the page. Enjoy your completed art! xoxo






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