Art Journal Emporium - 1 Collage Sheet 7 Ways April 27 2016, 1 Comment

Hey guys, Carolyn here, Art Journal Emporium Team Lead.  I’m back this month with another edition of “1 Collage Sheet 7 Ways”!!  In case you missed last month’s challenge you can see it HERE.   Just a little back story:

Tangie has challenged seven of us to use one collage sheet to be the primary focus of a project that we create then share with all of you to show you just how versatile the collage sheets really are.
This month we’re using April 2016 Sheet #02 for our challenge, it looks like this:
I am always amazed by how a group of people can take the same set of supplies and everyone’s end result is completely different. Most of us incorporated the fish in some form or another but none in the same manner.  Take a look.

Glenda’s “If Fishes Had Wishes” submission is stunning.  She used a combination of TB&CO products with the chosen collage sheet to come up with this beautiful piece:
Next up is Audrey’s submission. She used the April Grab Bag, no longer available as a Grab Bag but each part can be purchased individually: {Tangie Bundle No. 20} and {Rebecca Bundle No. 20} (product images at the end of this post)along with the collage sheet to create this whimsical piece:

When Jan looked at the collage sheet the first thing she saw was eyebrows! For her
 submission she turned those cute little gold fish into big bushy eyebrows to create this fun piece:

Susan’s piece is a digital page that she created using the April Grab Bag, no longer available as a Grab Bag but each part can be purchased individually: {Tangie Bundle No. 20} and {Rebecca Bundle No. 20}, along with the collage sheet to create this piece:

Katrina’s mixed media page uses the collage sheet, stencils, paint and pencils.  I’m not sure what those circles are above the fish but the look dimensional and glittery and I LOVE them!  Here’s her piece:

Anne also made a page in her art journal and is so painterly and pretty.  I love getting ideas from my fellow crew members, she did such a great job thinking outside the box on this one:

I decided to create a page in my art journal also.  Not being a big fan of orange I ended up painting over the strips I tore from the collage sheet to use as seaweed to make this:

I hope you all enjoyed this little challenge as much as we did.  We’re already looking

forward to starting next month’s challenge!  If you’ve used April’s Collage Sheet #02 in your projects we’d love it if you left a comment with a link so we can all see.  

The Art Journal Emporium membership includes Tangie Baxter's Collage Workshop for the current month BEFORE it's released in the TB & CO store.  In addition to the digital downloads there is a video tutorial and sample projects!

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Select option A through E to get the digital version of the collage sheets (option C includes printed collage sheets mailed to you) or Option I to have access to the printed collage sheets ONLY mailed to you.

{Tangie Bundle No. 20}

{Rebecca Bundle No. 20}

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