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Spring has sprung.  Some a little later than others but it looks like we have officially begun to warm up.  Riding by the home improvement stores, I see lots of people collecting their garden goodies.  Flowers, pots, garden ornaments and most importantly bird houses.

I have always loved bird houses and I try to make it a point to hang one or two by spring. This year the birds kinda beat me to it.  I have one nest in a wall mounted fountain and several in gutter catches.  Oh yes, one is in the newspaper catch under the mailbox.  So I decided this month I would create a sweet page that was so easy to do.  It's colorful and would make a great canvas print or screen saver.

I first drew rectangles for the houses and triangles for the roofs.  Then added some poles to hold them up.  Once I laid out where the houses where I used brushes from the following Tangie and Rebecca Pages.  To create the bird houses and floral garden.  I added the word SPRING across the top with Ephemera Alpha brushes.  Then I created a floral garden below the houses with Rebecca Tansy Flowers and Splatter overlays Floral designs.  Popped in a few birds with Tweet Sweet Stamp.  I did my design digitally, but it will work just as well with printouts. Have fun creating your own Spring Garden.


Credits: Tangie Baxter's Mint to Be, Oli and Phant, Splatter Overlays, Ripped and Torn Epemera Alpha, Tweet Sweet Stamps; Rebecca McMeen's Kendra, Em, Tansy

 Mint To Be

Oli and Phaunt

The ULTIMATE Splatter Graffiti Bundle!

Ripped and Torn Ephemera Alpha



{Rebecca Bundle No. 15}

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