Art Journal Emporium Gallery Gems April 11 2016, 0 Comments

Good day artsy friends!  It’s time to share with you this week’s sparkling collection of Tangie Baxter & CO’s Art Journal Emporium Gallery Gems.  Each of these beauties wonderfully embodies the Art Journal Caravan Itinerary No. 13 word of the week - Music. Enjoy!

First we have a fun and frolicky piece entitled Dance (No One Is Watching) by sbpoet. Sure to make you want to get up and shake your groove thing, this gem was created for the AJC Itinerary No. 13 - Resonate.

Credits: All goods from Tangie Baxter & CO excepting the musical notes from A  Fish Designs.

Next we have a simply charming and serene page created by Rese Davis, also for AJC Itinerary No. 13. The inviting colors and alluring depth fit just perfectly in her wonderful world.

Credits: TB & CO’s April Grab Bag now available as swparate kits, Tangie Baxter's Resonate; Rebecca McMeen's Hattie.

And finally, we have this fanciful and imaginative piece from Marilyn Curttright. Marilyn’s take on AJC Itinerary No. 13’s word of the week - Music - is a treat for the eyes as well as the soul.

Credits: Tangie’s Resonate and Rebecca’s Hattie from the April 2016 Grab Bag. Also Tangie’s Abounding, AJC 2014 - June Collection, Greatest Curiosity, Rebecca’s Sariah,and Impress BT font.

That’s it for today!  Thank you so much to sbpoet, Rese Davis and Marilyn Curttright for sharing the fruits of their labors with us!

Tangie Baxter & CO’s Art Journal Caravan is back for 2016 and we’d love for you to join us on the adventure!

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For more information on the Art Journal Emporium visit Art Journal Emporium - Tangie Baxter & CO.

Thanks for allowing me to share this week’s highlights with you... Now sit down, whistle a happy tune and create some Gems of your own!  See you next time...

[Posted by: Glenda Mulac]