UP Course No. 01 {Creating Vision Boards}

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*This class is now available as a self-study, work at your own pace course*


Dear Wonderful You,

Our dreams were meant to come true, we were meant to have amazing lives. We were meant to shine, to soar and to love others with all our hearts. This doesn't mean there won't be trials, or sad times in our lives, it's not always easy, and takes quite a bit of hard work sometimes, but we should go after the life we dream of anyway! I have a passion for this way of life, and I want to help others who also want to find ways to make their dreams come true. My new UP Courses are a way for me to reach and out try to find a tribe of wonderful artists who would like to create their dreams while creating with their hearts & hands. Perhaps that is you? Your unique gifts, talents and personality have prepared you for amazing experiences in your life, and we would love to hear about your journey and hopefully help inspire you to take steps for the future.

I hope with all my heart you will join me and your fellow dreamers and doers for the journey!

With much love,

PS! These goals and dreams don't have to be as HUGE. They can be a dream of an organized laundry room, menu planning, spending more time in nature, meditating, visiting family, loving people more, owning a pet, eating more veggies or reading more books. All dreams and goals no matter how big or how small are welcome here.


Vision boards are collages, paintings or other visual representations of your goals and dreams. They help you focus, feel and be grateful for the opportunities and accomplishments you want in your life. However, in my experience this is simply not enough, you must also listen closely to the action steps you can take while working towards your goals and visualize those too.

In this class I will share with you how I personally have used vision and dream boards in my own life and what I've learned. We will also make 4 new 8.5x11 vision boards together and complete a workbook throughout the class that will give you a blue print on small and simple steps you can take to start making your dreams come true. The more you put into this class, the more you will get out of it (multiplied by the universe!).

For this class you will need:
*A heart willing to be open to the idea of vision boards
*To make an effort and want to take action on at least one goal
*To print off your workbook (or use it digitally)
*4 pieces of card-stock, old magazines, scissors & glue or
You can create your vision boards digitally using files you have

*PLEASE READ* Disclaimer: I am NOT a licensed life coach, nor am I certified health practitioner. I am an artist just like you are, I have my struggles and my faults. But what I am, is extremely passionate about making dreams come true, and wishing that everyone could have the same. This class is NOT licensed therapy or to strengthen mental health. This class is purely for exploration and conversation.

Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? Please email me tangiebaxter@gmail.com

You will get an email to join us in our exclusive classroom within 24 hours of purchase. Your classroom access does not expire as long as tangiebaxter.com is open.

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