The Artist's Compendium No. 3

$ 16.95

This package has never been sold by me but was part of the Photoshop Awake Course by Sebastian Michaels so check your stash.

This package comes with a FREE limited use commercial use license a $20+ value!

You can use in original pieces of artwork you create or sell prints of, as long as the finished product is delivered flattened (no individual files).

Boldly Go Brushes
Boldly Go Overlays
Boldly Go Collages
Boldly Go Crazy Brushes
Boldly Go Overlay Edges
Boldly Go Scratched Paper Pieces
Boldly Go Watercolor Mosiacs
Boldly Go Watercolor Patterns & Styles (PLEASE NOTE: the downloads are large files & these files are guarenteed to work in Photoshop, but may work in PSE)

(see previews for an idea of all the amazing goodies included!)

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