Tangible Plans™ {Starter Kit & Workshop}

$ 29.95

Tangible Plans™
The Revolutionary new Planner & Template System
It's a Daily Planner, It's a Journal, It's a Calendar, It's Everything all at once!
watch the video below for more details...

The Starter Kit & Workshop comes with the following:
  • *Letter Size and Junque Journal* Size Templates
  • *Over 500 pre-made pieces divided into Sector folders
  • *Attachers and Word Art scaled perfect size for this project
  • *All Sectors to build your own Templates if desired
  • *1 Tutorial on how to build your pages and 1 tutorial with binding ideas (I strongly suggest you watch the 1st tutorial before opening your other supplies, I will show you how to organize this system so that it works seamlessly)
You can find all the add on packs in my Tangible Plans™ Store [here]. Organizing "life" just got a lot more exciting!
Don't know what a Junque Journal is?
You can see my really old ;) free Youtube videos [here].
This workshop does require that you have some sort of photo editing software such as Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro Etc.
Please use the contact us form with any questions and we can help you get started in Digital!

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