Tangible Plans™ Half Sheets Magic Dashboards

$ 5.00

Introducing my new line of HALF SHEETS planner supplies!
Individually sized at 5.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall.
Also come 2 up on printable 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall landscape sheets.

Just hit print!

These work in half sized binders which you can find at Target and on Amazon.com.

Want to learn more on how to use the HALF SHEETS system? You can join our 2016 Tangible Plans™ Class which includes tons of videos, exclusive product downloads and more. 

This package contains:

  • 10 "Magic" Dashboards, great for using at the start of each month or as dividers in your planner. 
  • 5 Printable sheets with 2 up on a sheet

 Have a tiny  bit of Photoshop know how? You can use these HALF SHEETS with my original system!

Tangible Plans™
The Revolutionary new Planner & Template System
It's a Daily Planner, It's a Journal, It's a Calendar, It's Everything all at once!
watch the video below for more details...

You can find all the add on packs in my Tangible Plans™ Store [here].
Organizing "life" just got a lot more exciting!

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