{Rebecca Bundle No. 23} Mendi

$ 10.00

Mendi is quite trendy
(her wardrobe is impeccable)
While remaining strictly traditional
When stormy or windy
(from weather or life)
Her inner calm is unconditional...
(with few exceptions).


Mendi Bundle Includes:

Papers: 12 Watercolor and Floral Papers
Mendi & Closet: 2 ea. Mendi, Assorted Feet & Shoes, Collars, 11 ea. Dresses, Headband and Collars, Watercolor Flowers, Circle Collage, Paint Drip Collage, Splatter Collage, Floral Watercolor Background, Berry Collages,  Leaf Collage. (Total of 49 ea. Elements)
Mendi Word Art: 5 ea. Word Art and 3 ea. Word Art Frames. (Total of 8 ea. Elements)
Mendi Design Elements: 2 ea. Butterflies, 2 ea. Butterfly Collages, 2 ea. Flourishes, 1 ea. Hand Drawn Mendhi Element. (Total of 9 ea. Elements)


Please check your stash! These products were previously part of TB&CO Grab Bag #23 {July 2016} (no longer available).


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