{Rebecca Bundle No. 20} Hattie

$ 10.00


Hattie plays in the trees
Flies in the breeze
Echoes earths' creatures,
Reflects on her nature.

The Hattie Collection Bundle includes: 

1 Full Size Kit: Hattie
11 ea. Papers, Hattie Head, Hattie with Watercolor Outfit, Hattie Poseable, Hattie Assorted Dresses & Arms, 3 ea. Party Hats, Word Art “Eye on the Sky”, Swirl, 2 ea. Leaf Designs, 2 ea. Word Art “Echoes”, Flower Ephemera, 2 ea. Painted Strips, Word Art “Reflections”, Assorted Mountains, Watercolor Flowers, 6 ea. Painted Circles.
Total Hattie Elements: 77 ea.

1 Element Pack: Hattie Art Dolls
Total Hattie Art Dolls: Includes 5 ea. Hattie Art Dolls

1 Element Pack: Hattie Collages
Lines & Circles, Watercolor Accent, Watercolor Accent Collage, Grunge Collage, 2 ea. Circle Collages, 3 ea. Hills, Goldfish Collage, 2 ea. Square Grunge Collages, 1 ea. Circle Border Collage.
Total Hattie Collages: 14 ea.


Please check your stash! These products were previously part of TB&CO Grab Bag #20 {April 2016} (no longer available).


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