{Rebecca Bundle No. 13} Biscuit

$ 10.00


Biscuit lives in a tin,
Has fun on a whim,
As transparent as scrim,
And lives life to the brim.

This Bundle includes:

1 Full-size Kit: Biscuit & Closet
Biscuit & Closet Includes:
7 ea. Papers, Biscuit Herself, Arms & Legs, 3 ea. Hair Decor, 1 ea. Skirt Decor, 4 ea. Skirts/Tutus, 2 ea. Crowns, Boho Hat, Wings.
Total Biscuit & Closet Elements: 25 ea.

1 Art Doll Pack: Biscuit Art Dolls
Includes 5 ea. Whimsical Biscuit Art Dolls
1 Element Pack: Biscuit Essentials

Biscuit Essentials Includes:
4 ea. Watercolor Background Collages, Watercolor Splatter, Watercolor Accent Collage, Scribbled Orb, 4 ea. Floral Accents, Biscuit Basic, Flower, 3 ea. Buttons, Button Collage,Word Art “Do's & Don't”.
Total Biscuit Essentials Elements: 18 ea. 


Please check your stash! These products were part of TB&CO Grab Bag #13 {September 2015} (no longer available).


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