Everyday Courage [Deluxe Kit] with Rebecca McMeen

$ 8.00 $ 10.00

This collection has been put back together! What was once a limited time only Grab Bag collection is now sold as a deluxe kit! [So check your stash before you buy]

Everyday Courage and Kenda are made with matching color palette but different styles, the combo is sure to delight your magical creative endeavors!

Everyday Courage Kit=60+ Pieces and 7 Papers
Everyday Courage Paint=14+ Pieces
Everyday Courage Stitches=4 Clusters & 1 Bonus Paper

Kendra lives in a land of exotic tastes and treasures
Embracing it all in exotic measures.

Kendra Art Dolls Includes: 3 ea. Kendra Art Dolls & 3 ea. Kendra Butterflies
Kendra Butterlies Includes: 1 ea. Yellow Butterfly, 1 ea. Blue Butterfly, 1 ea. Orange Butterfly, 3 ea. Butterfly Collages, 1 ea. Butterfly Wreath Collage.
Kendra Kit Includes: 7 ea. Papers, 3 ea. Outfits, 2 ea. Hats, Weapon, Flower Stem, 4 ea. Floral Elements, 3 ea. Decorative Elements, 1 Decorative Collage, Watercolor Accents and Splatters, Butterfly Splatter Collage, Watercolor Strokes Accents, Border, Grunge Lace.

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