Vintage "Rubber, Printing & Stamps" Catalogue {Commercial Use}

$ 45.00


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Sometimes in life we are privileged enough to hold an incredible piece of history in our hands. So there I was all alone with my eyes closed trying to decide the answer to two very important questions:

  1. Was I willing to pay the "take your breath away, heart pounding" price for the catalog?
  2. If I did...was I willing to *gulp* cut the binding off this glorious book so we could all enjoy it?

I think you know the answer! I am ecstatic to present to you all 188 pages of this vintage "Catalogue", over 180 of which have glorious type, stamps, text in "vintage wording" and more! It's more delightful than you can imagine. 

We painstakingly scanned in all 188 pages, (remember the wallpaper book? I thought that was a lot!) 

We're sharing with you the ORIGINAL scans in their 600 dpi glory! This way you have the best possible chance of creating with a high quality image. 

You could use them for so many things:

  • Use as collage sheets
  • Create stamps (I'll be making some for the store with these too in the future)
  • Mixed-media art
  • Vintage inspired invitations, tickets, programs flyers
  • Inspiration for vintage phrases and "speak"
  • Digital Collage or Art Journaling Pages
  • Planner Printables
  • So much more!

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