Collage Sheet Mania 2013

$ 60.00

It's here! Collage Sheet Mania 2013! 99 NEW printable collage sheets
Normally my collage sheets sell for $2.95 EACH however, with this amazing deal you get 99 NEW printable collage sheets which are currently exclusive to this bundle!


What are collage sheets?
These collage sheets are for crafters, jewelers, art journalers, junque journalers, teachers, hybrid scrappers and more! They are made from already existing kits in my shop at Scrapbookgraphics laid up on a vintage backgrounds,  all ready to print in .jpg format (not necessarily suitable for digiscrapping)!
Some are even ready to just print and journal on! Simply open a collage sheet and hit print! It's that easy! Or you can take them on a jump drive or CD to your local print shop to print them all if you'd like! They are sized 8x10.5 on an 8.5x11 sheet which makes them printable without full bleed printers YAY!
You may use these collage sheets to HAND MAKE things you intend to sell as well! One of a kinds such as  jewelry, handmade  journals, handmade cards, handmade unique collage canvases and more (each item must be handmade)!(You may NOT resell as a collage sheet or as individual images digitally or printed or in any way that is not made by hand).

A huge thank you to my creative team for creating some of these collage sheets!
Collage Sheet Bonus #1 by Samantha, Collage Sheet Bonus #2 by sparklyduck74, Collage Sheet Bonus #3 by tinkerbell57, Collage Sheet Bonus #4-7 by pennyshilling, Collage Sheet Bonus #8-9 by Grace

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