Bricolage Journal No. 1 by Dave

$ 16.95

Join Dave Baxter for his first ever online course!
Dave is a talented book artist and makes all of Tangie's custom journals for her. 

something constructed or created from a diverse range of available things

A fantastic canvas covered bricolage journal using found papers from magazines, yearbooks, ephemera and art paper. This journal is approx. 9x5.5" when finished, contains 4 signatures, and has a vintage bottle cap closure.

What you receive with this class:
  • Access to the entire course all at once in a classroom setting (you will get an email within 24 hours)
  • September 2015--daily help in the classroom (after Sept. we will check the classroom weekly).
  • Step-by-step printable PDF that you can follow
  • Videos of Dave creating Bricolage Journal No. 1 from start to finish
  • BONUS! 3 Collage sheets from Tangie ($8.85 Value!)

What you need:


  • X-acto knife
  • awl
  • 12” to 18 “ cork back thin metal ruler
  • 12” see through grid ruler
  • bone folder
  • glue ( ph neutral PVA glue and/ or Crafter’s pick ultimate glue)
  • glue brushes (2-3 widths works best)
  • tapestry needle
  • Japanese paper punch (not necessary but useful)
  • small craft hammer
  • cutting matte
  • NEW unused DRY kitchen sponge


  • waxed linen or waxed polyester cord (about 12 feet minimum)
  • primed canvas about 10”x16 “
  • a cereal box or thin board
  • a button or bottle cap
  • a catalog, books, or paper or combination with pages that should be about 9x11 inches
  • washi tape ½ “ or larger in width

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