Zip Files & iPads

Some information for you about iPads & .zip files.

(1)    You cannot unzip a file on an iPad. It’s just not made to handle big files like a computer does.

(2)    You can use the iPad to download your zipped files after purchase and direct the iPad to send those files to a Dropbox account.

(3)    You cannot unzip a file in your Dropbox account from your iPad. But, you can go to your desktop computer (or laptop) where you have the Dropbox files sync’d. You can then open the Dropbox folder on the computer, unzip the file into the same folder and those unzipped files are then re-uploaded to your Dropbox account.

(4)    If the unzipped files are available in your Dropbox, you can download the pieces you want to use from Dropbox to your iPad and then use them in your artwork (png, jpeg files)

Using the files for artwork on an iPad: This is a HUGE subject that we can't possibly cover in full here. The main thing is that you have to have apps to be able to do the artwork such as Photoshop Touch, Superimpose or Procreate. To get deeply into doing artwork on an iPad, just Google “iPhoneography".

If you absolutely can't unzip .zip files ("iPad only" users) you will not be able to access the following:

  • The Monthly Grab Bag (no alternative available)
  • The DIGITAL versions of the Monthly collage sheets (alternative, subscribe to package C to get printed ones sent to your home)
  • Some large files and workshop materials that only come in collections or a "digital kit" (like the grab bags do)

I will do my best to provide .pdf files when I can. However, if you feel like you are going to miss out because you can't access these files, the Emporium might not be the right fit for you. If you want to still participate in the plethora of other activities, trades, workshops, videos and other .pdf printables available, we'd love to have you join us!