Life of Purpose

$ 6.95

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

An artsy, grungy, painterly collection for art journaling & scrapbooking
4 artsy splatter clusters, 2 artsy hand-drawn girls, 2 basic stitches, 1 basic staple, 1 dotted transfer, 3 splatter graffiti, 3 painted journal fodder tears, 3 funky overlays, 10 assorted scribbles & paint, 4 hand-drawn painted flowers, 3 mixed-media paper accents, 8 Stamps (black line drawings of original art and ephemera piece), 10 watercolor circle accents, 5 mixed-media word tidbits, 2 plastic tape word art, 3 misc. word art

[Please note this kit was available as part Champions Membership at Scrapaneers in June--so check your stash if you are a subscriber]

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