Digital Art Journaling for Scaredy Cats

$ 20.00

This class is now a self-study course which you will have lifetime access to.

This class is for scaredy cats who want to learn DIGITAL art journaling!

Have you ever said?
I'm scared!
I'm doing it wrong!
I don't understand, what is it?
Help me, I want to play!
I don't know where to start!
I'm not that creative!
I'm not a "real" artist!

I've heard it all in the last 8 years, and I truly believe that I can help you get over all your fears (or at least learn to be best friends with them)!

Join me as we learn the very basics of art journaling and what it ACTUALLY is (hint: visual exploration). You'll also learn why being a "real artist" has nothing to do with art journaling and why ANYONE can do it. You get permission to make "terrible" art (not that I believe there truly is such a thing)...but you'll have to join us to find out more.

This class is going to be BASIC but not BARE! I'm going to spoil you beyond belief, and hopefully, when you graduate you'll feel empowered to make art a process and jump in with two feet.

You'll receive:

  • Introduction to Art Journaling by Tangie (Vlog style video)
  • Q&A Section where I answered almost 2 hours of questions on video for you!
  • 3 Step-by-step digital art journal pages by Tangie (video lessons)
  • Digital goodies that go with each of the videos so you can re-create them yourself right along with the videos ($10+ value)
  • 1- "Live" webinar that was recorded and available in the classroom
  • 30+ ways to conquer a blank page with art journaling ideas prompts and challenges (including samples)
  • Free "Cultivate" kit
  • Fun Coupons
  • Style Finder: Different styles of art journaling including freestyle, modern, grunge and more 
  • Other activities to help you go from "Scaredy Cat" to "Cool Cat" in no time!

It's one thing to choose NOT to do art journaling because you've tried it and it's not for you...
But it's NOT okay to be scared and never discover for yourself what it has to offer you.
Come, discover, play and be brave, you may just find a part of yourself you never knew needed to be set free.

Want a few more details?
  • You will need PSE/PS or equivalent, this is NOT a "How to Use Photoshop" course so you will need to have basic PS skills or take my Photoshop for Mixed-Media class first 
  • This class takes place off-site in a private classroom, offering you an amazing state of the art classroom experience (you will get details in your download after purchase)
  • Lifetime Access to the classroom to work at your own pace (it never expires as long as I'm teaching)

So hear this rally cry scaredy cats! I'm here for you, let's do this thing! I promise to be there every step of the way.

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