The Artist's Way Summer 2018 [Now Self-Study]

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----This course is now self-study---

This book is designed to help you to reignite your inner artist, recover your creativity and let the divine energy flow through you as you create your art. This book has been recognized as one of the top 100 best self-help books of all time. It is a journey of creative recovery and inspiration.


“No matter what your age or your life path, whether making art is your career or your hobby or your dream, it is not too late or too egotistical or too selfish or too silly to work on your creativity.”
― Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

I'm so thrilled to be hosting a creative cluster book club for Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way. This book has helped me more than I can say in my creative journey, but it's been a few years and I had at least ten things happen right in a row that pointed me to take this journey again, I'd love for you to come with me! The Artist's Way is an invaluable guide to living the creative life, it is an immersive course in living a creativity which takes about 2-3 hours a week. Creativity can come in many forms (painter, parent, writer, chef, ideation, sketching, spouse, singer, et al.).

This is a group discussion style workshop. I am not your teacher or your guru, I'm simply facilitating the discussion! Julia specifically asks us not to "teach" this book to anyone, but to be part of it with the group (which she lovingly calls "creative clusters". I'll be exploring, sharing and learning again right alongside you. The more you bring to the discussion the more you will get out of this, very literally, life-changing journey. Morning pages and artist dates are at the core of the program and help us connect to creativity in it's purest form as a divine source. 

This book is spiritual in nature and uses the word God, but as Julia explains to us you can call whatever that source is to you by whatever name feels right for you to call it.

You will need the book which can be found on Amazon or Kindle! (More details about the different versions can be found in the classroom, which you will get instant access to).



1. If you are a monthly subscriber (or become one right now) of the Art Journal Emporium or of the Happy Place you will automatically get access to this class, please check into our classroom on how to get FREE access to this class.

2. -This option is no longer available.

3. Make at least a $10 donation to Charity Water (just click on the button in the upper right that says "donate" on their page). Forward your receipt to and I will give you FREE access to the workshop!


What this workshop (group discussion/journey) will cover:

We will have 3 LIVE Zoom calls [TBA]-They will be recorded if you can't attend live.

The Book has an Introduction and a 12-week program that we will cover as follows:

Available July 2nd
Introduction: Basic Principles & Contract
We'll curate an AMAZING list of artist date ideas together!

Available July 6th
Week One: Recovering a Sense of Safety
Key concepts: Shadow Artists, Core Negative Beliefs, Affirmations

and then every Friday after that
Week Two: Recovering a Sense of Identity
Week Three: Recovering a Sense of Power
Week Four: Recovering a Sense of Integrity
Week Five: Recovering a Sense of Possibility
Week Six: Recovering a Sense of Abundance
Week Seven: Recovering a Sense of Connection
Week Eight: Recovering a Sense of Strength
Week Nine: Recovering a Sense of Compassion
Week Ten: Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection
Week Eleven: Recovering a Sense of Autonomy
Week Twelve: Recovering a Sense of Faith

You will have lifetime access to this workshop/discussion

From Julia:

  • Stop telling  yourself, "It's too late."
  • Stop waiting until you make enough money to do something you'd really love.
  • Stop telling yourself "It's just my ego" whenever you yearn for a more creative life
  • Stop telling yourself that dreams don't matter, that they are only dreams and that you should be more sensible.
  • Stop fearing that your family and friends would think you crazy
  • Stop telling yourself that creativity is a luxury and that you should be grateful for what you've got. 

As you Learn to recognize, nurture and protect your inner artist, you will be able to move beyond pain and creative constriction. You will learn ways to recognize and resolve fear, remove emotional scar tissue and strengthen your confidence. Damaging old ideas about creativity will be explored and discarded. Working with this book, you will experience an intensive, guided encounter with your own creativity--your private villains, champions, wishes, fears, dreams, hopes, and triumphs. The experience will make you excited, depressed, angry, afraid, joyous, hopeful, and, ultimately, more FREE. 

~Julia Cameron

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