Art Journal Caravan™ Workshop Expedition 2014 {Self-Study}

$ 49.95

Your chance to get the SOLD OUT workshop of 2014!
Now you can access the popular 2014 Art Journal Caravan Workshop in this self study version.


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Your travel package includes:

  • Access to an archived version of the classroom, including freebies, reviews and more
  • BONUS! Access to the 2010-2013 Archived Tutorial Course which includes over 30 tutorials
  • Navigation Guide
  • Journey '14 Digital Kit  
  • You will get an INVITATION within 24-36 hours to join the archive version of this classroom which has ALL your course materials ready to download there. Please be on the look out for this invite and check your spam. If you don't have the invite within 36 hours please email me:
"Not all those who wander are lost" that is our theme for 2014! We are going to visit with twelve different Muses one each month and see how they inspire us in our daily lives, through art, journaling, music and more!

Let's make this the best year ever, really allowing ourselves the freedom to explore and MOST IMPORTANTLY learning to ENJOY THE JOURNEY! It is the PROCESS not the finished result that is important. There is no such thing as an ugly or unworthy journal page, there is only the process of discovery. Allow yourself to enjoy your art, allow yourself to mess up, to fail, to be bad, to make mistakes. In reality that is true success, the real freedom art journaling brings. . Let's embrace the process together as we "WANDER" and explore on the LAST EXPEDITION of the Art Journal Caravan!


Join The Art Journal Caravan™ with your Tour Guide Tangie!  I'll take you on a Fascinating Year Long Journey into the World of Art Journaling with both digital and hands on experience!

Your $49.95 "Travel Package" Includes:
*Exclusive "Navigation Guide" to Art Journaling in .PDF with updated 2014 appendix
*Exclusive Digital, Colossal  Starter Kit "Journey '14"
*Lifetime Access to the 2014 Caravan Member Only Classroom

You will also receive:
*Passport for 50% OFF ALL of the Art Journal Caravan 2014 Parcels (optional purchase, these kits do NOT have to be purchased to participate)
*A Weekly In-Depth Itinerary in our Art Journal Caravan Forums including some of the following:
  • Monthly Adventure Quests (now part of the Itinerary)!
  • Art Journal Prompts, Ideas and Inspiration
  • Exclusive Ephemera or Collage Sheets
  • Blogs of Interest
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Book Recommendations
  • Art Journal Samples
  • Interviews
  • Tutorials
  • Caravan Member Only Coupons
  • Encouragement and Support on Your Journey
Fine Print: Lifetime refers to the lifetime of, as long as the site is open you will have access to the 2014 Caravan classroom. Your purchase of this product is your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Helpful Hints:
1. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS CORRECT! The email address on your order (store account) is the email that will be subscribed to the "Art Journal Caravan Class List News" if for some reason this is NOT the email you want registered for the class please email with the email you would like subscribed.



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